Very good property, would love to stay here again

Mr. Nitin Chtaurvedi

Great Home Stay, Cheers!!

Mr. M. Mahajan

lovely Atmosphere, great hospitality, delicious food, everything just perfect

Mr. H.K Tiwari

Excellent Stay, excellent People, thank you for making our stay comfortable

Prof. Billy Rollins
Charlotte N.C

We spent a very good time and enjoyed your hospitality, keep it like this and your success is guaranteed. Will surely come back to stay

Dr. Ion Bancilla

Stay was comfortable with the best amenities and courteous staff & gorgeous food

Dr. Bogdon Cotruta

Warm feeling like home, with tasty food, keep the good work going

Dr. Sai Kiran

It was pleasure staying in “Welcome Olives”. Loved the experience

Milan Goswami

Neat & Clean, calm Place to take rest for a business traveler. Much better than other big properties in Meerut.

Vikas Malik
Videocon, Gurgaon

Excellent Atmosphere, Very nice people, yummy food.

Abhimanyu Gulati
Encore Capital Group, Gurgaon

Clean rooms , excellent personalized services, Good Food.

Gautam Gupta
Schindler India, New Delhi

Thank you for a very warm and family gesture

Tanu Singh
Sukkon Parlour , Meerut

Well its quite surprising to know that we as international guests are so warmly welcomed and it felt so much like home at ‘Welcome Olives’.

Rohith K.R
Swimmer –D.P.S Sharjah

The stay was as sweet as the dessert and so was the food.

Araditta Sundar
Swimmer – D.P.S Sharjah